How to Check Your System Before Completing a Video Assignment


Defines how Bongo’s Video Assignments operate and provides resources and tips to ensure a quality experience for all users.

How does Bongo work?

Bongo is a browser-based tool, meaning that participants do not need to download software to use it. As a result, Bongo gives each participant some control over their experience by supporting a variety of devices, webcams, and microphones. However, since we operate through the user’s browser, we are reliant on a few items that may require testing before starting your assignment.

Am I ready to start my Video Assignment?

Before starting your Video Assignment, we recommend taking 5-10 minutes to review the following to confirm your system will provide a successful experience.

  • I have used this website's service to verify that my browser has permission to use webcam.  
  • I have used this website’s service to verify that my browser has permission to use the microphone. 
  • I have checked that my connection speed is 1Mbps using this website's service.
  • I have closed out of other tabs, windows, and applications to minimize my CPU usage.
  • If I am joining with a PC, Mac or Android, I am using the most recent version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) or Firefox.
  • If I am joining using an iPhone or iPad, I am using Safari. 

If these checks passed, you should be good to go! If not, please review the information below.  

How to Optimize Your Connection Speed
  • Stay close to your router if connected wirelessly.
  • Close out of other tabs, windows, or applications.
  • Avoid using a public connection where there are many active users (such as a coffee shop).
  • Open Task Manager or Activity Monitor and
    • Check your memory, if it’s a high percentage your computer will likely be slow.
    • Check your CPU usage, if it’s less than 70% you should be good to go!
Quick Troubleshooting Tips

If you experience an issue after meeting all the system requirements, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot. Note: you may have to implement multiple steps or repeat steps to fully troubleshoot your system.

  • If you are accessing Bongo within a Learning Management System (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace, etc), make sure cookies are enabled. In order for an external tool like Bongo to be accessed in an LMS, this is necessary. Click here for instructions. 
  • Try clearing cache/cookies and restarting browser. Click here for browser-specific instructions. (This does not disable cookies).
  • Open the assignment in a different browser. The supported browsers are Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Firefox. Your Internet browser must be up-to-date (installed or updated within the last month). 
  • Restart your device.
  • Open the Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) to check overall CPU usage, memory usage, and other usage. If CPU usage or memory usage is more than 70%, you may need to close other windows/applications for optimal audio/video performance.
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