Using Bongo's AI Coach


Demonstrates Bongo's AI Coach features and shows where they can be accessed.

The Bongo AI Coach is a set of two AI-based features included as part of Auto Analysis. A large-language model is used to analyze each video submitted and provides the user with feedback that can be used to improve future attempts. 

Tips & Feedback provides a set of feedback items about the user's video based on the analysis. This can include areas of excellence, areas for improvement, and other observations. This feedback can then be used to improve and adjust for future attempts. If the instructor has included Learning Objectives, the Tips & Feedback will be tailored to those Learning Objectives.

Tone Analysis takes each video and using four different tone ranges, provides a rating of where on the tone range the speaker fell. Since Bongo is used for a variety of use cases, different tones can be desired depending on the use case, and Tone Analysis can be used to see if the tone used was appropriate for the context, and adjust in future attempts.

If AI Coach features are not available in your assignments, then the AI Coach feature is disabled for your organization. For more information on Bongo's usage of AI tools, see our FAQ here.

Tips & Feedback

If using an Individual Assignment, Tips & Feedback are available below any recorded videos inside the Tips & Feedback tab. If using a Group or Q&A assignment, Tips & Feedback are available inside the Auto Analysis Report


Three different types of feedback will be provided in this section:

  1. Areas of excellence are positive attributes of the video. These are marked with a medal icon. 
  2. Opportunities for improvement are aspects where the speaker could improve in the future. These are marked with an exclamation point.
  3. Additional interesting feedback is also included. These items are usually more neutral. These items are not marked.

By clicking on each item, you can see examples that pertain to each piece of feedback. 

Tone Analysis

If using an Individual Assignment, Tone Analysis is available below any recorded videos inside the Tone tab. If using a Group or Q&A assignment, Tone analysis is available inside the Auto Analysis Report.


Tone Analysis will provide a gauge for each tone range and indicate where the speaker fell on that range. By clicking on each range, you can see details on why they fell where they did on that specific tone range. A summary of the findings are displayed along with examples of the speaker using each of the different tones.


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