Instructors: Creating and Managing Assignments


Describes the workflow for creating and managing Bongo assignments for those with an instructor role.


Information in this article only pertains to users using Bongo Direct

Creating a new Assignment

Instructors are able to create new assignments in any Bongo course they have access to. To create a new assignment, click Create Assignment. Next, you will need to select the type of assignment you want to create. You can learn more about each assignment type by clicking the following links.

  • Individual Project - Learners can record or upload a video of themselves, practice presenting on a topic, or demonstrate a specific skill.
  • Question & Answer - Learners are presented with video or text prompts and given a set amount of time to respond.
  • Group - Learners collaborate in real-time or on their own time to create a video or other content for submission.
  • Interactive Video - Learners watch a facilitator-provided video and respond with multiple choice or video answers during specific points during the video.

Once you have gone through the assignment creation process, clicking on the assignment will bring you to the Activity Overview where you can view learner progress, view submissions, and provide scores.

Managing an Assignment

To manage any assignment settings, click the gear icon next to the assignment you want to configure. This will bring you to the configuration for the assignment. When you are done, pressing Save will bring you back to the Assignment list.

Quick Tips

  • Assignments are sorted alphabetically, so you can add a number to the beginning of each assignment in a course to force a specific order.
  • To learn more about evaluating and scoring learner submissions, click here.
  • To learn more about resetting a learner's submission, click here.
  • The assignment type cannot be changed once it has been created.

Copying an Assignment

Instructors have the option to copy an existing assignment or copy an existing course. When initiating an assignment copy, you are given the option to rename the new assignment, and also the choice to copy it inside of the current course, or to copy it to another existing course. When assignments are copied, all configurations are copied into the new assignment/course, but no learner content or enrollments are copied.

SCR-20240228-mrzt.png            SCR-20240228-msgx.png

Hiding an Assignment

Instructors and Admins have the option to hide assignments from learners and reviewers. This could be used to reduce clutter after an assignment is no longer needed, or if an assignment is not yet ready for learners to start working on it. Assignments can be hidden and unhidden using the 3-dot menu.


Deleting an Assignment

Instructors and Admins have the option to delete any assignment. Deleting an assignment will also delete any learner content added to the assignment, so be sure you are okay with this before deleting any assignment. The delete option can be found in the 3-dot menu next to any assignment.

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