Logging in to Bongo


Explains the workflows for logging in directly to Bongo


Information in this article only pertains to users using Bongo Direct

Users are able to log in to Bongo either using an email/password combination or by signing in with Google.


Email/Password Login

To create an account in Bongo, click on the Create Account tab.


In order to create an account, you must provide your email, your first and last name, and a password. Your password must be at least 8 characters, and contain an uppercase character, a numeric character, and a symbol. Once you have filled in all the information, press Create Account.

Once you have created your account, you will receive an email at the address you provided with a confirmation code to verify your email address. Take this code from your email and enter it in the form provided to verify your account and access Bongo.

After you have provided a valid code, you will now have access to Bongo.

Sign In with Google

To sign in to Bongo using your Google account, click on the button labeled Sign In with Google. You will be prompted to log in or select your Google account. Once you have selected a Google account, you will now have access to Bongo.

No Courses Available?

The first time you access Bongo, you may see this screen indicating that you don't currently have access to any courses.


In this case, in order to access a course, you will either need to launch a course or assignment link that has Auto Enrollment enabled, or ask an instructor or administrator to add you to a course.

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