Instructors: Creating and Managing Courses


Describes the workflows for creating and managing courses in Bongo for those with an instructor role.


Information in this article only pertains to users using Bongo Direct

Creating a Course

On the Courses screen, instructors can create a new course by clicking Create Course. This workflow allows you to create a blank course or copy an existing course. Once the course has been created, you can create assignments inside the course, and manage the course settings. Existing courses will be listed on the Courses screen in alphabetical order.

Managing a Course

Course settings can be accessed using the Settings tab after opening a course.

On the course settings page, you can update the course name, edit the Auto Enrollment settings, archive the course, or download the course SCORM package.


Course Membership

Course membership can be managed by going to the Members tab after opening the course. You can manage the list of users who have access to the course and manually add or remove any users. The list shows the email, first/last name, and role for each user in the course. New users can be added by providing an email and a role for the user. You can edit the role for a particular user by hovering over the specific user and clicking the pencil icon.



Newly added users will not have a first/last name shown on the Members section. This will be filled in when they create their Bongo account. If any users show up without a first/last name, that indicates that they have not yet created their Bongo account.

Copying a Course

Instructors and admins have the ability to copy a course or copy an assignment. When initiating a course copy, you are given the option to rename the new course, and may choose which assignments to bring into the new course. By default, all assignments in the course will be copied. Once initiated, the course copy will occur in the background. An icon in the top right corner will display the progress of the copy and notify the instructor once the copy has been completed.


When courses are copied, all configurations are copied into the new assignment/course, but no learner content or enrollments are copied.

Archiving a Course

Instructors and admins are able to archive courses that are no longer used anymore. Archiving a course will remove access from any learners and reviewers who are members, but no information will be deleted, so course content can be accessed again by Instructors or admins if needed. Archived courses can also be restored again and will be fully accessible again.


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