Roles in Bongo


Describes the different roles that exist within Bongo and what actions users with each role can perform.


Information in this article only pertains to users using Bongo Direct

Roles in Bongo

Bongo separates users into two main roles. You are assigned a specific role for each course you are a member of and your access will differ depending on which role you have. Bongo Direct users also have access to two slightly modified instructor roles.



  • Learners are able to complete any assignments that they are given access to.
  • Learners can provide peer feedback to their peer's submissions if enabled for a specific assignment.

Reviewers: (Direct Customers Only)

  • Able to review submissions by any student in the course but cannot manage course materials.

Institution Admin: (Direct Customers Only)

  • Able to manage all courses within that institution without needing to be enrolled in each course as an instructor or reviewer. This allows them to create courses, assign instructors or reviewers to those courses, manage courses created by other users in their institution, and also assign or remove additional institution admins.
  • Able to launch any assignment they have access to as a learner. This allows them to participate in courses that all users in a company need to take (such as a compliance course) without needing a separate Bongo account.
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