Instructors: Using Auto Enrollment


Describes the Auto Enrollment function which allows instructors to have a hands-off enrollment experience for Bongo courses. These options can be managed by those with an instructor role.


Information in this article only pertains to users using Bongo Direct

Auto Enrollment

By default, any learner accessing a Bongo course needs to be manually added to the course before they can access the assignments. Auto Enrollment allows for an automatic way to enroll users in a course by simply sending the learners a link or embedding Bongo in your learning platform.

Enabling Auto Enrollment

The Auto Enrollment settings are available to instructors on the Settings tab after opening a course. By enabling the feature, any user that launches the course will be automatically enrolled in the course as a learner. With Auto Enrollment enabled, you can copy and distribute the link to the course or the link to a specific assignment to your learners. A link to the course can be found beside the Auto Enrollment settings, and the link to an individual assignment can be retrieved from the assignment list by clicking on the 3-dot menu for that assignment. You can also embed Bongo in your learning platform using SCORM, and learners will automatically be enrolled when launching Bongo.


Enrollment Dates

Optionally, start and end dates can be provided that will automatically enable and disable the Auto Enrollment feature to allow for a specific enrollment window. If desired, a single start or end date can be provided instead of a time window.

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