Launch & End Virtual Classroom


Explains how to launch & end Virtual Classroom meetings. 

Quick Tips

Launch End

Once your scheduled Virtual Classroom meeting time arrives, you will launch the meeting.

Supported Browsers

On desktop, Firefox and Chrome are the supported browsers for Virtual Classroom sessions. On mobile, Safari can be used as well for most functionality. For more details, see our article on Browser Compatibility.

Navigate to the Scheduled Meetings page or the Assignment for which the meeting is scheduled (learners). 

To begin your meeting, click the vertical ellipsis (additional options button) to the right of the meeting name.


Select Launch.


This will open up the Meeting Lobby page.


  1. Other participants will not be able to enter the meeting room until you do. Be sure to review the Quick Tips and Session Management instructions prior to entering the meeting space.
  2. Once you’ve reviewed the Lobby Page guidelines and your meeting is ready to begin, click Enter Meeting Room.

Be sure to review the features available to you in Virtual Classroom.

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