Call-In to Join Virtual Classroom


Demonstrates where to find the Call-In Number and Access Code to a specific meeting.

Important Notes

  • Before anyone can join Virtual Classroom using a Call-In Number, someone has to join the audio for the meeting.
  • Your personal number will not be visible to the meeting attendees.
  • The numbers provided in Virtual Classroom are not necessarily toll-free. Check the region of each area code, as charges may apply depending on your phone service.

Best Practices for Virtual Classroom Call-In Users

You or another user may need to use the call-in feature if:

  • You do not have access to a computer or internet connection
  • While in a meeting, you experience technical issues due to a poor internet connection

Locating the Call-In Number for your Meeting

You will be able to find the call-in number for the meeting either on the Meeting Lobby Page, when joining audio, or within the Public Chat box once you have entered the meeting. This number is specific to the meeting you created.

Meeting Lobby Page Joining Audio Public Chat

Before entering the meeting, you are able to view the call-in numbers in the meeting lobby.

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