How Can I Use Virtual Classroom? đź’ˇ


Describes the applications and features of Virtual Classroom - a web-conferencing meeting space. 

To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements. To use Virtual Classroom, you may need to ask your staff involved with integration to open certain firewall ports. 

About Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom meeting space allows instructors, trainers, and learners to engage each other with livestream video. Instructors can engage a large audience and connect up to 10 simultaneous webcams. 

Also, learners can create meetings in the Virtual Classroom space within Group Project and Individual Project. These recordings can be submitted as a part of their final deliverable. 


Our simple, straightforward web conferencing tool provides a seamless way to connect face-to-face to support learning and training objectives. 


  • Instructors - Schedule & Invite: Schedule a Virtual Classroom meeting & invite others (even external participants like a guest speaker)
  • RecordingRecord sessions, then archive or submit as assignment videos.
  • Desktop Share: Share an application or additional resource through your desktop.
  • Upload Presentations: Upload a presentation or present with the whiteboard.
  • Annotation Tools: Show & annotate content during live sessions.
  • Change Presenters: Allow multiple people to share and present during the same session.
  • Breakout Rooms: Divide participants into small groups for discussion.
  • Polling: Assess participants’ comprehension & keep them engaged.
  • Live Chat: Facilitate conversation & questions through text.
  • Share Files: Post files for the group or individual participants.
  • Attendance Log: View a list of participants who attended your Virtual Classroom meeting.


Looking for ideas on how to use Virtual Classroom? Here are just a few possibilities:

Enable live lectures, training sessions, and other face-to-face activities online in real-time.
Provide an online environment for discussion, group work, and additional instruction.
Hold meetings, office hours, and interviews online without losing the personal connection of a face-to-face conversation.
Use polling, emojis, and live chat to engage learners & assess comprehension.  
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