Common Troubleshooting Solutions 🔧


Outlines common solutions to browser, internet, and device issues. Be sure to review our Basic System Requirements as well.

As much as possible, try to submit your assignment prior to the due date to avoid last-minute technical issues.

Browser Solutions

Use Supported Browsers
Our supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox. If one of these two is not working, try the other. For a full list of browser compatibility with our features, click here.
Allow Browser Permissions
Be sure to allow browser permissions. Within Chrome, sometimes the permissions window is off-screen, so you may need to move the browser window until you see it.
Close Other Tabs/Applications/Plugins/Extensions
Another tab or application may have access to your camera/mic. A plugin or browser extension may also interfere with webcam/mic access. We recommend closing all other tabs and applications, then disabling all plugins/extensions if needed.
Enable Cookies
If you are accessing Bongo (formerly YouSeeU) within a Learning Management System (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc), make sure cookies are enabled. In order for an external tool like Bongo to be accessed in an LMS, this is necessary. Click here for instructions. 
Clear Cache/Cookies
Try clearing cache/cookies and restarting browser. Click here for browser-specific instructions. This does not disable cookies.

Internet Solutions

Change Internet Connection
If you experience issues while participating in Virtual Classroom or uploading/recording, use a different Internet connection. Some internet connections are unstable and lead to more frequent errors. Click here to view minimum internet speed.
Configure Firewalls
If you are experiencing issues in Virtual Classroom, there may be needed firewall changes. Click here to see the required firewall ports for Virtual Classroom. 

Device Solutions

Restart Device
Restart your device, open your browser to ensure you have an internet connection, and re-enter Bongo (formerly YouSeeU). This fresh start helps clear out conflicts from other programs.
Launch Task Manager/Activity Monitor
Open the Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) to check overall CPU usage, memory usage, and other usage. If CPU usage or memory usage is more than 70%, you may need to close other windows/applications for optimal audio/video performance.
Search Device-Specific Issues
For device-specific issues (Mac, PC, Dell, iPhone, Android, etc), try searching for troubleshooting sites for those devices.

If you are still experiencing issues, you can Submit a request.

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