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Explains how to enable cookies in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. For best performance, follow our Basic System Requirements.

You may need to enable cookies if you are experiencing one or more of the following issues:

  • You are redirected to  instead of your assignment page.
  • The Bongo application never loads
  • You receive an error regarding cookies
  • You receive a message: Authentication is required

Pro Tip

If you have multiple browsers on your device, make sure you're launching Bongo from the same browser you used to log into your LMS (Brightspace, Canvas, Blackboard etc). This will help ensure the authentication from your LMS can authenticate you in Bongo as well.


Desktop iOS & iPadOS Android

In desktop Chrome, click the vertical ellipsis to the right of the address bar and select Settings. Then, under the Privacy and security section, click Cookies and other site data.

Finally, under General settings, select one of the following: Allow all cookies or Block third-party cookies in Incognito

Note: You may need to clear cookies by selecting "See All Cookies and Site Data" then "Remove All". 


Desktop iOS & iPadOS Android

In desktop Firefox, go to Settings > Privacy & Security and in the Enhanced Tracking Protection section: 

Set to Custom, and for Cookies select: Cross-site tracking cookies, and isolate other cross-site cookies.

Note: You may need to clear cookies by selecting "Clear Data" under "Cookies and Site Data". 


Desktop iOS & iPadOS 

In desktop Safari, click Safari in the menu bar at the top of your device > Preferences. Click the Privacy icon. 

Make sure all of the following are unchecked: 

  • Block all cookies

If you have modified those settings and are still experiencing issues, uncheck the following as well:

  • Prevent Cross-Site tracking

Please note that Virtual Classroom is not supported in desktop Safari. For more details, review our Browser Compatibility.

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