Network Ports Used by Virtual Classroom


Integrators & Instructors: Provides information about network ports used by Virtual Classroom (Meetings) for firewall configuration. To ensure the best overall experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements as well.

The network ports below are used by Virtual Classroom. Allow outbound network traffic initiated by clients to * servers for the following ports. 

TCP Ports 443
UDP Ports* 443, 16384-24576, 49152-65535

*Allowing outbound traffic over the UDP ports range is not necessary for Virtual Classroom to function, but is advised and will improve performance.


Only applies to those with stateful firewalls: Some advanced firewalls are stateful, and can inspect traffic to evaluate if it is non-standard for the port. Virtual Classroom sends non-standard voice and video traffic over the TCP ports above, and stateful firewalls may need to allow this traffic for Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Classroom requires WebSockets on TCP Port 443. 


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