Add an Assignment in Moodle


Moodle users: Explains how to add Bongo as an external tool (assuming Bongo has been enabled/installed). 

To begin with, turn editing on and add an activity in Moodle.


Choose External Tool and click Add.


Name your assignment, then add any instructions and points as needed.


Make sure this is a unique name that is only used once. This name will need to be placed in the Deep Linking Identifier field in Bongo and will allow Grade Sync and Deep Linking (if enabled in Advanced Settings). 

Choose Bongo as your External Tool. Make sure to select New Window as the Launch container. Click this new link to be taken to Bongo.


Bongo will launch, and if this is the first activity in this course, you'll see the option to create a new course.

  • If you have never used Bongo in any of your courses, select the blank course option.
  • If you have used Bongo before and would like to use a class previously used in Bongo, click "Show Advanced Options" and then click the desired option. You will be given a list of your Bongo classes. Select the appropriate class and the class will be activated.


When creating a blank course, you'll see a pink checkbox to allow deep linking. If your class will use one individual link to each separate Bongo activity, leave this box checked. If your class uses only one link to access all Bongo assignments at once, uncheck this box. If you're not sure, leave it checked.


Deep Linked Not Deep Linked

If you allowed deep linking, you can then connect this link to either a Video Assignment or a Virtual Classroom meeting.


For more information about scheduling a Virtual Classroom meeting, click here. If you're adding a Video Assignment, select the assignment type from the list.


For more information about a given assignment type, see the guides linked at the bottom of this article.

Copy or use an existing assignment

To link an assignment that's already been created, or to copy an assignment, scroll to the bottom of the list of assignment types and click "Show Advanced Options."


Once you've selected the option to copy an assignment or use one that already exists, you will see a list of assignments to link. Choose an assignment, and click the "Continue" button in the bottom right corner.



Select the assignment type that best fits your learning objectives.

individual_project_icon.png Create Individual Project Learners record or upload a video of themselves presenting on a topic or demonstrating a specific skill. Learn more.
q_A_icon.png Create Q&A* Learners are presented with prompts and given a set amount of time to respond. Learn more. 
group_project_icon.png Create Group Project*  Learners work in groups toward an overall group deliverable. Learn more.  
interactive_video_icon.png Create Interactive Video* Learners watch an instructor-provided video and respond to related prompts. Learn more.



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