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For Blackboard users: explains how to create a Bongo assignment in Blackboard.

Bongo (formerly YouSeeU) can be added as an external tool in Blackboard so learners can access and complete Video Assignments. 

In your Blackboard course, go to your Content page. Click on Tools and select YouSeeU Bongo.


Name your assignment, then add any instructions and points as needed.


Make sure this is a unique name that is only used once. This name will be placed in the Deep Linking Identifier field in Bongo and will allow Grade Sync and Deep Linking. Make sure to select Enable Grading: Yes to enable deep linking.

Note: We recommend that the tool be launched in a new tab. This setting is controlled by your LMS admin. Please contact them to make any changes necessary. 



Leave the Description field blank, as text makes that field incompatible when linking to Bongo.

Bongo will launch, and you will be prompted with the following Class Creation options:

New Class: if you have never used Bongo in any of your courses, select this option.

Copy from my Class: if you have used Bongo before and would like to use a class previously used in Bongo, select this option. You will be given a list of your Bongo classes. Select the appropriate class and the class will be activated.


You will be asked if you'd like to use deep linking for your course.

Deep linking allows learners to access a specific assignment directly from a link in Blackboard as opposed to a general link that allows the learner to select their Bongo assignment to complete from a list of assignments in Bongo.

If you want Deep Linking/Grade Sync, select Yes. If you don’t want your Bongo assignment to be deep linked or you don’t want grade sync, then make sure to select No.


Deep Linked Non-Deep Linked

If you enabled Deep Linking, you have several options.

You can create a New assignment, select a Copied assignment, or select an Existing assignment.


New Assignment

If you select New assignment, you will select the activity type you wish to use: Individual ProjectGroup ProjectQuestion & Answer, or Interactive Video. See below for details about each assignment type!


Copied Assignment

If you select a Copied assignment, your assignments list will appear. Select the name of the assignment and the assignment will be copied.


Existing Assignment

If you select an Existing assignment, your assignments list will appear with assignments that have not been linked. Select the name of the assignment, and the assignment will be copied.


After you select the assignment type, you'll be directed to the assignment creation page with your Blackboard assignment name populated.

Select the assignment type that best fits your learning objectives.

individual_project_icon.png Create Individual Project Learners record or upload a video of themselves presenting on a topic or demonstrating a specific skill. Learn more.
q_A_icon.png Create Q&A Learners are presented with prompts and given a set amount of time to respond. Learn more. 
group_project_icon.png Create Group Project  Learners work in groups toward an overall group deliverable. Learn more.  
interactive_video_icon.png Create Interactive Video Learners watch an instructor-provided video and respond to related prompts. Learn more.
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