Video Assignments - Recording Your Screen


Learners: demonstrates how to simultaneously record your webcam and a presentation within an Individual Project or a Group Project. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements and Check your System Before Completing your Video Assignment.

Mac users - allowing your browser to record your screen

You need to explicitly allow your browsers to record your screen. 

  • Open your Mac's System Settings, then click Privacy and Security.
  • In the menu on the left, scroll down and click on Screen Recording.
  • In the window on the right, make sure the box next to your browser is checked.
  • Quit and re-open your browser to apply the changes, and your system will now allow screenshare.

If your instructor has asked you to record a presentation, you'll need to record your desktop and webcam simultaneously as described below. Rather than adding slides or uploading a powerpoint, you'll click through your presentation while recording to mimic the feel of a live presentation.

Screen sharing with a single monitor

For screen sharing with a single monitor, arrange your Bongo assignment and the content you're sharing side by side on your screen.


Screen sharing with double monitors

For Screen sharing with two or more monitors, arrange your Bongo assignment and your content so that both are visible at all times.


Starting the Recording in Bongo

Now that your content and assignment are side-by-side, you are ready to start your recording. Follow the steps below to successfully record your video.


While you're recording, make sure all windows stay open and active; don't close or minimize windows until you've stopped recording.

Additionally, if you are using a virtual desktop, some windows may not be able to be shared. Make sure the content you are trying to share is on a visible desktop to solve this problem.

  1. Within your assignment, Add Video - select either Screen or Camera + Screen depending on your assignment requirements.  (The instructions below are for Camera + Screen, and if you selected Screen then you may disregard the references to Camera/webcam.)

  2. Your browser may ask to allow access to your Microphone and Webcam. You will need to Allow access to record in Bongo. 

    To watch Steps 1 and 2 in action, click the GIF below to view larger.


  3. You will then be prompted to share your screen. Note: Safari currently only supports sharing your entire screen, you cannot share an application or a window using Safari. 

    Chrome Firefox

    Under Application Window, select the application you'd like to share, then click Share. Do not share your entire screen.

  4. You will see both your presentation and your webcam video in Bongo. Before recording, ensure that the audio bar is moving. You can also change your webcam and mic if needed.
  5. Click the RECORD icon within the Bongo recorder. Click through your presentation as you are recording. 


    To watch Step 5 in action, click the GIF below to view larger.


Pro Tip

If you are experiencing issues with activating the Bongo recorder because the recorder is unable to access either the camera, microphone or screen-share, try using the Standalone Recorder! This will allow users to work around browser permission issues when accessing Bongo through an embedded environment.


Ending your Presentation

Now that you have finished recording, you are ready to Stop the recording.


Discard.png You can review your video before submitting. If you would like to retry, click the Discard button.
EN_Download_icon.png Click this icon to Download the video to your device. Note: This will not save your video to the assignment.
Save.png Once you are satisfied with your recording, you must click the Save button to save your video to the assignment.


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