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Explains how to record a video within the tool. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements.

Within the Group Project and Individual Project assignments, you can add a video within the project space. We recommend recording within Bongo to get the most out of the tool. 


If you used a previous version, note that you will no longer be able to sync slides to your presentation after recording or uploading. In the new workflow, you'll display a presentation on your desktop, then simultaneously record your webcam and desktop while giving your presentation. Click here for instructions.

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Add.png To add a video, click the Plus icon in the lower right corner. This will bring up a list of available actions.

Select the the lowest icon to add a video.


You have the option to record or upload a video. We recommend recording within Bongo to get the most out of the tool.


Record Video

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Depending on the assignment, you can record yourself, your desktop*, or both.


Examples: Presentation slides, tutorials, skills demonstrations. 

*You will not be able to synchronize visual aids to the video after recording.

**At this time, desktop share is not available on mobile.

After checking your preferred option(s)*, select Record Video.


Desktop Share

If you selected the Desktop option, you will be prompted to share Your Entire Screen or an Application Window


If you're using Chrome, you'll need to add our browser extension and refresh the page. Be sure to watch for pop-up blockers in your browser. You can view further instructions or download the extension directly:

Install Extension Now

Select your preferred option and Share.


Let's get ready to start recording!

  1. First, make sure the audio bar is moving. You can also change which camera and mic are being used. 
  2. Once you are ready, click Record in the middle of the screen.



When you have completed your video, click Stop to finish the recording.


You can review/download your video before submitting. If you would like to retry, click the Discard button.

Save.png Once you are satisfied with your recording, click the Save button (or Submit Video in Interactive Video).
Upload Video

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Select Upload Video.


You can upload a video from (1) your device, (2) Google Drive, (3) Dropbox, or (4) OneDrive.


After you have selected the video and can view the file name within the upload box, click Begin Upload.


During upload, you can Pause or Cancel the process.


Time_Remaining.png Time Remaining Please note that the larger your file size, the longer uploading & processing times will take - especially if you have a poor internet connection. 
Size_of_video_uploaded.png File Size and Format of Video Maximum video file size is 20GB. The acceptable formats are: asf, avi, flv, m4v, mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2, wmv, mpg, mpeg, wma, mod, mp3, mts, qt, f4v, m2v, wepm, ogv, mxf, vob. Bongo offers unlimited cloud storage.
Number_of_Videos_uploaded.png Number of Videos Uploaded The more videos you upload at a time, the longer the processing time will take.
upload_speed.png Upload Speed Recommended video upload speed is 1 Mbps.

After saving, your video will begin processing; this can take up to 30 minutes.

While processing, your video will be listed in the Work In Progress section. You can watch and re-record your video as many times as you like and even combine your videos. Once you're ready to submit your video - as well as your documents or links - you can submit your assignment.

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