Learners - How to Schedule a Virtual Classroom Meeting


Learners: Explains how to schedule a Virtual Classroom meeting within Individual and Group Project, then invite external participants. Please be sure to review our Basic System RequirementsBandwidth Requirementsand Check your System Before Entering a Virtual Classroom Meeting.


Individual Project:

The Schedule Meeting function is available in the 3-dot menu to the right of the assignment name.


Group Project:

To schedule a meeting in Virtual Classroom, click the Add Other Content button. Select the Create Meeting meetingicon.png option.

Click the GIF below to view larger. 2022-08-08_10-47-35__1_.gif


Title your meeting, then select your desired meeting date and time. Click Submit.


Scheduled Meetings

Your Virtual Classroom meeting will now appear under Scheduled Meetings. Click on the vertical ellipsis ellipsesicon.png to display your options.



You can also view all upcoming meetings (both for your class and assignments) from the Meetings page. To view, click the Menu  icon in the upper left corner and click Meetings.

When the scheduled time arrives, you can Launch launchbutton.png your meeting. You can also Edit editicon.pngor Deletedeleteicon.png it.

Pro Tip

Before launching your meeting, you will want to check our our Basic System Requirements article along with Audio and Video Basics and Troubleshooting within Virtual Classroom to ensure you have the best experience possible.


Invite External Participants

To invite outside participants(such as a guest speaker or an interviewee), click Copy External Link linkicon.png. This will copy the link to your clipboard so you can send it to others.



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