Answer Reflection Questions


Learners: Explains how to answer reflection questions within Individual Project or Q&A

Within Individual Project and Q&A, you may be asked to complete Reflection Questions. These questions are typically intended to guide your thinking before you record your own video submission.

      1. First, be sure to read the instructions and watch the video instructions (if provided).
      2. Then, answer the Reflection Questions listed below the instructions. Please note that your responses in this section are text-only.


      3. After answering the questions, be sure to click Save Answers. Your responses will automatically be placed into the Submisson section of the workflow.


      4. From there, you are ready to add additional content to the assignment. In a Q&A assignment, you will need to record a timed video. For further instructions, click here. Your responses will be submitted automatically, so no need to follow steps 5 and 6.

        In an Individual Project, you'll need to add a video through recording or uploading. To do so, click the Add button. For full instructions on how to add a video, click here.


      5. Once your video is processed, click the star located next to your video move your video from In Progress to Submission. For full instructions on how to submit your assignment, click here. In this workflow, Bongo doesn't submit recorded videos automatically to ensure you have multiple chances to record your video.


      6. Now, both your Reflection Questions and video recording are in the Submission phase. Click Submit to submit your content and Reflection Answers. For full instructions on how to submit your assignment,

        click here.

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