Steps to Record a Video in Bongo


Basic steps to record a video in Bongo


A microphone is required to record in Bongo, and a camera is also required if you want to include video.

  1. Launch the Bongo recorder. This may involve selecting what you would like to record. (e.g. Camera, Camera + Screen, Audio Only, etc). If you want to record your screen, you can view our screen share tips here.
  2. If you have not previously done so, your browser will prompt you to allow Bongo to access your microphone and camera. Click allow to continue.
  3. The recorder will now check to make sure your microphone is working correctly. Say something into the microphone to initiate the check. Check our common troubleshooting steps if you are having problems.
  4. Click the Record button to begin recording. A red dot will pulse at the top of the recorder to indicate that recording is happening. A timer will count how long you have been recording.
  5. When you are finished recording, press the red Stop button at the bottom of the recorder. Click the checkmark to save your recording.
  6. Once your video has processed you can review it and AI-driven feedback (if enabled by your administrator)
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