Device Compatibility


Lists the specific device compatibility with major features. For full system requirements, click here.

Device Record Video Enter Virtual Classroom Desktop Sharing VC Presentation Features VC Communication Features Other Features
Mac Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PC Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

iPhone/iPad - Safari 

Yes* Yes No Yes* Yes Yes
Android/Tablet Yes* Yes No Yes* Yes Yes

*Does not include desktop sharing.


  • When using an iPhone or iPad that has the most recent iOS software update installed (v.13) for a Q&A Video Assignment, users will not be able to complete the Q&A Questions. When trying to record, users will see a black screen in the recorder space, and then all functionality will cease.
  • Impacted users will need to complete Q&A Video Assignments using an iOS device below v.13, or use another type of device such as a PC, Mac, etc. 
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Please note that the matrix above assumes you are using Chrome, Firefox or the newest version of Edge (Chromium). Virtual Classroom functions are only available via iOS Safari. For more details, see our article on Browser Compatibility.


In rare instances, iOS users with Bluetooth headsets may have difficulties getting the recorder to recognize audio. If this happens to you, please try refreshing the page. If the issue persists, please try using your device’s built in microphone.

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