Set Up Individual Project


Instructors: outlines how to set up an Individual Project assignment. To learn more about the Individual Project, see the Individual Project Overview.

There are several ways to navigate to an assignment setup page, which will vary depending on your integration.  

Once you are on the assignment setup page, follow the instructions below. 

General Settings


  1. Name the assignment.
  2. Optional: provide a due date/time that will serve as a guideline for the learners, but will not prevent the learner from submitting once the date has passed.

    To clear the due date/time, click the "X" button to the right of Due Date.

    Depending on your LMS, the due dates may be deep linked in the gradebook. 

  3. Select grade type
  4. Enter text instructions (required) for the assignment. The character limit is 1,024 characters, including spaces.

    While not required, it is recommended to include video instructions as well. 

    If you would like to create video instructions or share an example of the assignment, click on the webcam icon and add your video.

Peer Review

If you require peer review, you can determine the number of peer reviews and toggle the button to the right. To customize the peer review experience, view the peer review advanced settings.


Advanced Settings

For further customization of this assignment, click Show Advanced next to the Save button at the bottom right-hand side. You can customize certain aspects of the assignment - including post-submission instructionsthe toolset, and self-assessment - in Advanced Settings.


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