Group Assignment Overview


Instructors: demonstrates the life cycle of a group assignment. For instructor setup instructions, click here. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements. Depending on your organization's membership with Bongo, this may be a premium feature.

About Group Assignment

Learners collaborate synchronously and asynchronously to complete a group activity. Individuals have the ability to create milestones, evaluate their peers, meet with group members virtually, and compile all of their submissions within the project dashboard. The end product is often presented as one cohesive group presentation.

Use Cases

Here are just a few ideas to get started:

  • capstone projects
  • group presentations
  • roleplay activities
  • foreign language conversation

For a preview of Group Assignment, view the video below.

To view the workflows for each feature, click on the accordion below to expand the instructions. 

Group Formation

Our new and improved group management workflows can save instructors from hours of busywork. Check out all the options here: Create & Manage Groups.

Group Communication

Learners can use the Chat feature (in the top right hand corner) to communicate. This is a great way to discuss milestones and potential meeting times.


Add Videos

Group members can add individually recorded videos. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Upload Video: Group members can upload videos from their device, or from one of the following cloud storage platforms: Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.
  2. Record directly in tool: Group members can record their portion of the project within the tool itself.
Combine Videos

Once all video content is added, team members can combine their videos into one cohesive presentation.


See how to combine videos here.

Schedule Meetings

When completing a group project, learners can schedule a meeting. This web conferencing tool serves as a discussion platform to help group members discuss and complete their project. Learners will have access to Virtual Classroom communication and presentation tools.

These virtual meetings can also be recorded and submitted to the assignment.


Add Files/Links

Files and links can also be submitted.Max file size is 100MB. Allowed file types: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, txt, rtf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, zip, ppt, pptx

If you need to submit an unsupported file type, put the file(s) in a zip folder to upload.



Submit Assignment

To submit, group members need to ensure all videos, documents, and links are ready.

Please note, only one video (can be a combined video) can be submitted. 


note: All group members must have clicked into the assignment in order for the grade to properly save for any group member.

Group Member Review

If enabled by the instructor, group members can anonymously review each other (via 5-star ratings or rubrics, with the ability to comment).  

Peer Review

If the instructor requires peer review, learners will review projects from other groups.

Instructors can customize this experience with peer review advanced settings.

Advanced Settings

Instructors can customize certain project aspects - including the toolset and group formation - in Advanced Settings.

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