Create & Manage Groups


Instructors: demonstrates how to create & manage groups for a Group Assignment.

Group creation options are available on the configuration screen when setting up a new Group Assignment activity, as shown below. 


For info about how to add a new activity, go here and select the appropriate article for your environment.


If you are manually assigning learners to groups, each learner must open a Bongo page while logged into their individual account before you assign them into groups. Learners who have not yet accessed Bongo will not appear in the lists described below for group assignment.

Once students see the Bongo interface (e.g. their activity or a list of activities), then no further action is required on their part; they are now ready for group assignment.

When setting up groups, you have the option to manually manage the group yourself, allow participants to select their own groups, or to let the system automatically put learners into groups.


Pro Tip

You can change this setting later if desired, even after learners have chosen groups or submitted content.

If you selected the automatic option, your work is done! Learners already in the system are now in groups, and new learners will automatically join a group when they open the activity.

If you’d like to check your work, or if you selected another group formation option, then you can go to the Manage Groups page. There are two ways to access this page:

  • Go to the activity Overview, then click the “Manage Groups” button. For more information about the Overview and how to access it, click here (Instructors: Evaluate and Score Submissions).
  • On the Activities page, click the three-dot button to the right side of your Group Assignment activity, and then select “Manage Groups.”


On the Manage Groups page, you can add or remove groups, add or remove participants from groups, and even name each group.


  1. Create a new group.
  2. Select learners to add to a group.
  3. After selecting learners, click “Add” to add them to a group.
  4. To remove a learner from a group, click the X by their name.
  5. If you set up groups in another activity and you want to use the same ones here, click this button to copy the groups from that activity.
  6. Randomly distribute learners that are not already in a group. Save some time by letting the system add learners to groups. After using this button, you can still remove and add learners if desired.
  7. Use the icons on the right, from left to right: rename this group, remove all learners from this group, and delete this group. NOTE: Deleting a group will also remove any items that exist in the Work in Progress area for that group.
  8. Groups cannot be edited when they have submitted their assignment.
  9. Click the “Save” button to apply your changes.
Sync Roster

Depending on your institution's integration, you may have the option to manually synchronize the roster in order to see all learners who are registered to the course. This operation also removes learners who are no longer registered to the course, and all their contributions to all assignments in the course.

This Roster Sync button can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the Manage Groups page.


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