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Serves as a starting point for instructors who want to learn more about the platform.


Welcome to Bongo! Our video assessment tools enable experiential learning and soft skill development at scale. When individuals demonstrate skills and apply their knowledge on video, evaluators get an authentic representation of what they can do. See more about our core assignment types and video conferencing tool for yourself: 

  • Be sure to review our Basic System Requirements as well; this will help you and your learners have the best experience possible.

As we explore, know that you can tailor the assignment types to your style. Feel free to be creative with our platform!

Individual Project

Want learners to give a presentation or demonstrate a skill through video? Individual Project could be a great fit

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Get Started: Creating a self-introduction assignment can be a great place to start. That way, both you and your learners can explore the platform.

View the video below to learn more.

Question & Answer

Want learners to think on their feet with timed responses in an asynchronous setting? Our proprietary Q&A technology could be what you need.

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Get Started: Try setting up an oral quiz or a mock interview. Since learners only have one chance to respond to your prompt, they will have to show what they know.

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Group Project

Want learners to work in groups and produce one cohesive deliverable? Group Project enables learners to collaborate both synchronously and asynchronously to complete their work.

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Get Started: Create a group project where your learners give a group presentation on a specific topic. This will help them hone their collaboration skills within the platform.

View the video below to learn more.

Interactive Video

Want to check for understanding or create a compliance training? Interactive Video could be the perfect fit for you.

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Get Started: Upload a content video (such as a training scenario or skill demonstration) and add a few multiple choice and video response questions.

Virtual Classroom

Want to meet with your learners in real-time? Virtual Classroom sessions allow you to meet synchronously and can be recorded for later reference.

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Get Started: Meet with your learners to introduce yourself and establish a presence. Introducing yourself will help your feedback have even greater impact!

Learners can also meet with each other and outside guests through Individual Project and Group Project


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