Advanced Settings Overview


For instructors: gives an overview of the available advanced settings within Individual Project, Group ProjectQuestion & Answer, and Interactive Video assignments.

Some advanced settings apply to all assignment types, while others are specific to certain types.

To access Advanced Settings, scroll to the bottom of the assignment setup page and click Show Advanced.


Universal Settings

Post-Submission Instructions

With post-submission instructions, you can give learners further directions once they are finished. These instructions can be text or text & video.

Example: Give learners instructions for peer review.


Peer Review Settings

Within Peer Review Advanced Settings, you can:

  • choose whether peer review is automatic or manual
  • allow learners to conduct peer review before submitting their assignment
  • make peer-peer commenting anonymous
  • allow learners to score peers' submissions with a five-star rating or rubric
Self Assessment

Post-submission, learners can assess their own performance based on the assignment rubric. To enable this feature, toggle on self-assessment.

Note: you will need to select a rubric as the grade type for this setting to be available.


Deep Link

You can change the integration setting for the assignment by toggling LMS Sync.

This will either 1) remove the grade syncing with your Learning Management System or 2) remove the link between the Bongo assignment and the assignment in your Learning Management System.


Assignment-Specific Settings

Question & Answer

Within Question & Answer Advanced Settings, you can:

  • allow retakes
  • record reactions
  • enable random questions mode
Customize Toolset - Individual and Group Project

You can customize the toolset within Individual Project and Group Project, making specific assignment types based on your intended outcomes.


Group Project

In addition to customizing the toolset, you can also change Group Formation and Team Evaluation options within Group Project Advanced Settings.

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