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Explains how to use the annotation tools in Virtual Classroom meetings on a desktop or mobile device. The annotation tools can be used with a mobile device/touchscreen. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements.

Virtual Classroom meetings are pre-loaded with 10 pages of whiteboard space. You can also upload your own presentations and share your desktop.

To navigate between whiteboard or presentation pages, use the arrow buttons or drop-down menu.



To bring up your tool options, click on the icon of the current tool.

Icon Tool Function
Pan_Button_with_shadow.png Pan With the Pan tool, you can click and drag a zoomed-in slide to view a different section.






Drawing Tools With these tools, you can draw shapes and lines. Select the pencil, rectangletriangle, ellipse, or line, then click and drag your mouse (or drag your finger across the touchscreen).  
EN_Virtual_Classroom_Text.png  Text You can type on the presentation space using Text. To use this tool, click and drag your mouse, then type in the box. 


Icon Style Function
EN_Virtual_Classroom_Drawing_Thickness.png Drawing Thickness You can adjust the Drawing Thickness of your drawing tool


Color To change the color of the pen or shape/line, click the Color Box. This will bring up your color options.
EN_Virtual_Classroom_Font_Size_List.png Font Size You can adjust your Font Size as well.  


Icon Style Function
EN_Virtual_Classroom_Undo_Annotation.png Undo Annotation To clear your last annotation, click the Undo Annotation button. 


Clear All Annotations

If needed, you can clear all annotations. When you use this function, it willonly clear the annotations of the current page, along with any polls created. This will not affect other pages of the whiteboard/presentation. 

If multi-user mode is turned on, clearing all annotations will only clear your annotations.

EN_Virtual_Classroom_Turn_multi-user_mode_on.png Turn Multi-User Mode On Presenters: to allow other participants to draw on the presentation space, you can turn multi-user mode on
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