Deliver Live Captions in Virtual Classroom


Explains how to enable and provide captions in real-time during a Virtual Classroom meeting. For information about captions in other parts of Bongo, see Captioning Videos in Bongo.

1: Promote to Moderator

Anyone who will type captions for your meeting must have the role of Moderator. If you scheduled the meeting and entered first, you may be automatically given the Moderator role. For more information about how to assume and assign the Moderator role, see our guide here.

2: Enable captions for typing

Once you are a Moderator, click the Closed Captions button on the left-hand side of the interface.


Then, click the button to enable captions for the meeting.


3: Enable captions for viewing

Once live captions have been enabled for the meeting, anyone who wants to view them must enable them, by clicking the button in the lower left corner.


Clicking this button will reveal a window where viewers can choose from several font and color options for their captions.


4: Type your live captions


When the Moderator and viewers have both enabled captions, any words the moderator types in the captions entry field will appear on the screen for viewers.


Stenography tools may work if your computer and browser treat them like a regular keyboard. We don't officially support stenography hardware for caption input.

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