Moderators vs. Presenters in a Virtual Classroom Meeting


Explains the permissions of each participant role and how to change moderators and presenters in Virtual Classroom meetingsTo ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements.

Overview of the Participant Roles in Virtual Classroom

Note: A meeting can have multiple moderators but only one presenter.

If you are the moderator of the meeting, you will have access to record the meeting, end the meeting and the meeting settings. You will also able to promote other users (including yourself) to be the presenter/moderator or kick another user from the meeting. 

Here's an overview of these roles: 

  Moderator Presenter Viewer (everyone else)
Can share their webcam and audio
Can private chat with other users
Can draw with the Whiteboard features    
Can toggle viewing live captions for themselves
Can enable and type live captions    
Automatically assigned by creating the meeting    
Can promote and demote another user to Moderator    
Can promote and demote another user to Presenter    
Can remove another user from the meeting    
Can toggle Recording status    
Role indicated with a square in Participants list    

Here is what the icons located to the left of each participant's name mean: 

Moderator avatar Screen_Shot_2019-12-10_at_13.46.17.png 
Non-moderator avatar Screen_Shot_2019-12-10_at_13.46.52.png 
Presenter  Screen_Shot_2019-12-10_at_13.45.55.png
Joined audio tiny-microphone.png 
Listening only tiny-headset.png 
Muted Screen_Shot_2019-12-10_at_13.47.40.png 

How to Change the Roles in Virtual Classroom

To promote a different user to be the moderator, first click the participants icon in the top left corner of the Virtual Classroom meeting window.


This will bring up a list of participants. Click on any participant name, then click Promote to moderator.


In Virtual Classroom meetings, the meeting moderator can also make another participant the presenter. All presentation features will be available to the new presenter.


To make yourself the presenter again, select your own name and click Take presenter

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