Bongo Direct 22.2 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo Direct 22.2 update, released on May 5, 2022.


Information in this article only pertains to users using a login to access Bongo

Updated Course Management & Auto Enrollment

  • A new course settings screen allows instructors to manage all the settings for a course in one place. This includes course name, membership, the new Auto Enrollment settings, and the ability to copy a link to the course.
  • A new Auto Enrollment setting is available in the course settings.
    • If this toggle is turned on, any learner with a link to a course or assignment will automatically be enrolled in the course the first time they access the link. If this option is disabled, only learners manually added to the course will be able to access the course using the link.
    • Optional start and end dates allow for automatic enabling/disabling of the Auto Enrollment feature. This can be used to specify a specific enrollment window for learners to access the course.
    • New indicators on the course page and assignment page inform instructors if Auto Enrollment is currently enabled for a given course.
  • Course and assignment links are now available to be easily copied.
    • These links can be used by any user enrolled in a course to easily launch a course or assignment directly. If Auto Enrollment is enabled, these links can also be used by a learner to enroll themselves in the course.
    • These links can also be embedded in an LMS or other platform for a more seamless experience.


SCORM Support for Courses and Assignments

  • A SCORM package can now be exported for any course or assignment in Bongo Direct.
    • This SCORM package contains a launch to the specific course or activity and can be used to embed Bongo into a compatible LMS or other platform.


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