Reset Learner Submission


Instructors: explains how to reset learner submissions for Individual Project, Group Project, and Question & Answer.


To view learner instructions for resetting their submission, click here. Please note, learners can only reset Individual/Group Project submissions, and they can only reset if no grades have been assigned and no peer reviews have been given. If a learner needs a Q&A or Interactive Video submission reset, you will need to reset it for them.

To reset a learner’s submission, first navigate to the activity overview and find the learner's name. Then, click the student's name to view their submission.

Once you've navigated to the learner's submission, click the Reset icon in the upper right corner of your screen.


After clicking this icon, you will be asked for confirmation before the system performs the action. To confirm, click Reset.


Pro Tip

The steps needed to access the activity overview will depend on your LMS. For example, you may navigate to the overview by clicking the assignment name in your LMS, or by clicking the "Overview" option in the assignment list.

Individual + Group Project Q&A Interactive Video

When Individual/Group Projects are reset, the project will be sent back to the Ready to Submit stage. The learner’s video, documents, and links will not be lost. The learner can submit these elements or different elements when ready.

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