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Instructors: explains how to create, import, and edit a rubric. View more grading types here.

For a preview of grading with a rubric, view the video below. Please note, there is no voiceover for this video.


To add a rubric, navigate to the rubric page by clicking the menu icon EN_Side_Menu_Icon.png in the upper left corner and click Rubrics.


Click the actions icon actions__1_.png to open the rubric options. You will have the choice to create a rubric or import one. You can also edit rubrics once they are added.

Create Rubric

To create a rubric, select the Create rubric iconCreate_a_rubric.png.


In the left column, fill in the assignment criteria/objectives

In the top row, fill in your assessment scale


If you need to add more rows or columns, click the plus button. 

Note: The maximum number of rubric columns is 9.

Delete_column_row.png To delete rows or columns, click the trash can icon. 

Fill in a point value in the top row to establish the default point value for the column. 

Note: point values will need to be a whole number; decimals are not permitted.

Exclamation.png To override the default point value for a particular criterium, fill in the point value in that box. 
Asterisk.png The maximum points for the entire rubric is indicated in the lower left corner.

When you are finished, click Save

Import Rubric from CSV
Upload_a_rubric.png To upload a rubric, click the Action icon in the lower right corner and select Import rubric.

A window will open with links to help you create a CSV file on your computer that can be imported into Bongo.


Click on rubrictemplate.csv to download a properly formatted CSV file onto your computer. This CSV file already has text saved in it to help you know where to (and not to) enter text.

If you need more help or an example CSV rubric, this window also has links to resources you can download.

Asterisk.png Once you have created your rubric in a CSV file and saved it on your computer, click Add File button in the window. Select your CSV file and click Open.

You can make any final adjustments before you click Save.

We recommend that you check your rubric to make sure that the text and scores uploaded properly before making the rubric active for an activity.

Edit Rubric

On the main Rubric page, click the additional options icon next to your desired rubric and select Edit.


Make any necessary changes to the rubric and click Save.

Please note that once a rubric is active, you will only be able to edit the descriptions. You can copy the rubric to create another rubric with updated scoring and requirements.

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