Scoring in Bongo


Describes the different methods of scoring in Bongo

Scores in Bongo are applied after a learner has made a submission. Bongo offers a range of different scoring types to serve many different use cases.

Draft scores can be utilized if desired. All manual score types as well as Smart Scoring can be saved in draft mode. In this mode, learners cannot yet see their score, and scores will not be shared with your learning platform until they are published.

If configured for your integration, Bongo scores are passed back to your learning platform when they are published, allowing them to be seen directly in the learning platform.

Automatic scoring:

Auto Pass
Learners are automatically given a ‘pass’ if they complete their assignment.
Auto Analysis
Bongo’s Auto Analysis score is used as the final score for the assignment. This score is based on the learners delivery metrics and if configured, if they covered all the key terms configured for the assignment. Instructors can weigh the delivery metrics or content metrics more heavily if they desire. Instructors can override this score with another percentage score if needed.
Smart Scoring
If Learning Objectives are configured for an assignment, Bongo can use AI to automatically assess learner videos against those objectives. After a learner submits, they are presented with an evaluation report showing how well they demonstrated each objective along with a score out of 5. Instructors are able to alter each objective score if they disagree with the results. For more on how Bongo utilizes AI tools, see our AI FAQ.
Peer Review
The learner’s score will be the average of any reviews provided by their peers. (Either using a rubric or a 5-star rating)
Interactive Video
Any multiple choice questions in an Interactive Video assignment are scored automatically. Video questions will be scored manually if they are configured.

Manual scoring:

Instructors will provide a 0-100 score.
Rubrics are highly configurable. Instructors will score learners on multiple different aspects, and each aspect will contribute to the final score.
Five Star
Instructors will provide a 1-5 star score.
Instructors will provide either a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail.‘
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