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Explains how to submit your Individual Project or Group Project. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements.

Pro Tip

With Bongo's Auto Analysis™ feature, you can view analysis on every video added to the Work in Progress section before submitting to Individual or Group Assignment, giving you a chance to continuously self-assess, practice, and improve.

Once your video - and all project links and documents - are ready to submit, it's time to submit your assignment.


You can only move videos once they have finished processing; only one video file can be submitted. Generally, videos will process based on their length, i.e., a 20 minute video will take ~20 minutes to process. Once the video is processing, you can leave the page and come back to it. If you have more than one video, you can combine videos in the Work in Progress section.

There are two ways to move an item from Work in Progress to the Submission box.

First, clicking the star pinkstar.png located to the left of the item will move your item to Submission.


Or, you can click on the menu icon located to the right of the item.


Then, Add to Submission.


If you would like to move the item back to Work in Progress, you can either click the star to the left of your video again, or click the menu icon and select, Remove from Submission.


Once all desired videos, links, and files have been moved from Work in Progress to Submission, you can click Submit.



Instructors can reset the submission and revert all videos, files, documents, and links back to Ready to Submit.

 Reviewing your Submission

After you have submitted your assignment, you will have access to:

  1. View your grade.
  2. Participate in Peer Review, if your instructor has activated this feature within the assignment settings.
  3. Review and Self Assess your own submission, if your instructor has activated this feature within the assignment settings.


If you exit out of the page after submitting your assignment, and need to re-access the following page, simply click on the same link you used to access the assignment from your learning management system.


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