Peer Review & Self-Assessment


Learners: explains how to complete peer review & view feedback from peers for Individual Project, Group ProjectQ&A, and Interactive Video. To ensure the best experience possible, please follow our Basic System Requirements.

The default setting is to allow peer review only after you complete the assignment. After completing your submission, peer review will be at the top of the assignment window. Depending on the instructor's settings peer review may also be available before you complete the assignment. In this case, peer review will be at the bottom of the assignment window.

To view the workflows for each feature, click on the accordion below to expand the instructions. 


You can leave comments on submissions*. The comments box is to the right of your peers' videos.

*Your instructor may elect to make your comments anonymous. 


To add a video comment, select the Camera icon Video_Comment.png and record your video. You can record up to 15 minutes of video feedback.

To add a text comment, click into the text box and start typing. There is a 2,048 character limit for text comments. To submit the text comment, click the Send icon Send.png or Ctrl + Enter on Windows and ⌘ + Enter on Mac. You can scroll down to your submission and leave feedback on your video that is viewable to your instructor.

Review Types

Depending on your instructor’s settings, you will review a peer’s submission with either 1) a 5-star rating or 2) a rubric. You may also have the option to self-assess.

5-Star Rating Rubric Self Assessment

You can give 5-star ratings below the commenting section. Select the number of stars that corresponds with your evaluation.


Advancing to the Next Peer
There are two ways to advance to the next peer for review after you have finished reviewing the current peer. If your instructor has enabled System Selected peer review, you will need to complete the entire review before the Next Peer button becomes active. If your instructor has enabled Manual peer review, you are able to use the drop-down list to select which peer to review or use the Next Peer button.


Viewing Feedback on Your Submission

At the bottom of the page, you can view feedback left on your submission from both peers and instructors. While you play your video, time-stamped SyncComments will appear.

Your final grade from your instructor will appear at the top of the screen.


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