Instructors - Accessing Bongo from your Learning Platform


Describes the workflow for embedding Bongo into different learning platforms.


Information in this article only pertains to users using Bongo Direct

Embedding Bongo

Bongo supports different ways to integrate into your learning platform. If your learning platform supports LTI integrations, you can click here to learn more about how Bongo integrates using LTI.

Alternatively, Bongo Direct supports two other methods to embed into your learning platform.

Embedding using a direct link

Bongo supports direct links to both Bongo courses and Bongo assignments. These links can either be shared directly with users or embedded in your learning platform if supported by your platform. This method is the most simple approach, so it is recommended.

To get the course link from Bongo, click the link icon at the top right of the assignment list to copy the course link.


To get an assignment link from Bongo, click the 3-dot menu next to the assignment you want to link to, and select Copy assignment link.


You can then take your link and paste it into your learning platform.

Embedding using a SCORM package

In addition to direct links, Bongo also provides the option to package either a whole Bongo course, or a single Bongo assignment into a SCORM package, which can then be imported into a learning platform. This method is recommended if your learning platform does not support embedding a direct link.

To download a SCORM package for your course, open the Settings tab on the course screen and select Download in the SCORM section.


To download a SCORM package for a specific assignment, click on the 3-dot menu next to the assignment you want to embed, and select Download SCORM Package.


The SCORM package will download as a .zip file. This file can then be uploaded into your learning platform's SCORM import system. Make sure to upload the file in .zip format to your learning platform, and do not unzip the file before uploading.


If you are embedding Bongo into your learning platform using one of the above methods, we also recommend you enable Auto Enrollment to streamline the enrollment process.

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