Virtual Classroom Bandwidth Requirements


All users: outlines the bandwidth needed to use Virtual Classroom and its features. To adjust your settings to improve your experience, click here. If you are currently in a meeting and are experiencing issues, check out the article, Troubleshooting Within Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Classroom facilitates real-time conversations between multiple parties through video. Prior to moderating or participating in a Virtual Classroom session, we recommend reviewing the information below.

Required Bandwidth - Common Use Cases

Speed requirements within Virtual Classroom depend on the features used during the meeting. Below are some common use cases and their required speeds.

Pro Tip

Many speed test tools are available online. You can use these tools to help determine your approximate network speed.

Note: 1Mbps = 1000kbps

Use Case Description Required Speed
Listening Listening only to the moderator, with no webcams shared 248kbps

Participating & Viewing Moderator Webcam

You will join using your microphone and webcam, while listening to the moderator and watching their webcam


Participating & Viewing Moderator Webcam/Desktop

You will join using your microphone and webcam, while listening to others and watching the moderator’s screenshare and webcam



You will join using your microphone and webcam, plus 6 of the attendees will use their webcam and microphone


What if I have the right network speed and I still have issues?

Although you may receive a speed after testing that meets the requirements, you may experience issues or receive error messages due to other factors.

Additionally, you will have access to monitor your network using the network indicator located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This network indicator tests your ping value response time automatically, and you can also run a test on-demand to check your download speed inside the details view. You may receive an adequate download speed, but if the response time between your computer and server is poor, you may see orange or red in the indicator.


The colors of the network indicator are defined below.

  • green.png Green = All functions of the meeting should work properly. (as long as the download speed is acceptable).
  • orange.png Orange =  Most features should function but could run into issues if lots of videos are shared.
  • red.png Red= You are probably currently experiencing issues with all functions. 

To ensure you are getting the most out of your connection, check out the tips below:

  • Try to keep your device close to your router. As you move further away from the router, you increase your chance of experiencing issues.
  • Close all other tabs, windows, and applications before the meeting, and be sure your device and browser have the most recent update installed.
  • Avoid using a public connection where there are many active users, such as coffee shops.
  • If you are experiencing network issues or poor performance, you can disable webcams being displayed to you in Virtual Classroom Settings.
  • During your session, you may see notifications to alert you of adverse network conditions and provide prompts to resolve the issue.

Required Bandwidth per Feature

Each Virtual Classroom feature requires some bandwidth. To more precisely calculate your bandwidth needs, use the table below to add up the speeds required for each feature you'll be using.

Note: 1Mbps = 1000kbps

Virtual Classroom Feature Recommended Upload/Download Speed Notes
Receive meeting audio 64-112kbps down You are listening to meeting audio.

Send microphone audio

56kbps up/down You have your mic enabled and are speaking.

Webcam Share

272-320kbps up You are sharing your own webcam. 

Webcam Receive (per webcam)

300kbps down

You are seeing others' webcams.

To disable webcams, access your Virtual Classroom settings > Data Savings and turn off Enable Webcams. Please note that changing this setting will only affect your view of the session, not others'.

Screenshare Send

56-1000kbps up/56-1000kbps down

You are sharing your own screen.

The required bandwidth within the 56-1000kbps range can be higher or lower depending on the content being shared on your computer.

Screenshare Receive

56-1100kbps down

You are viewing someone's screen being shared.

The required bandwidth can be higher or lower depending on the content being shared to you. 

To disable screenshare, access your Virtual Classroom settings > Data Savings and turn off Enable Desktop Sharing. Please note that changing this setting will only affect your view of the session, not others'.

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