Question & Answer - Advanced Settings


Instructors: Explains how to customize the Advanced Settings in Question & Answer assignments.

Within Question & Answer, you can customize several components for your learners. 

To access Advanced Settings, scroll to the bottom of the assignment setup page and click Show Advanced.


On the Advanced Settings page, you can customize the Q&A experience. 


  1. Select the desired Recording Mode.
    1. If Camera + Screen is selected, users will be required to record their screen in addition to their camera for every answer. This will require users to access this assignment from a device that supports screen recording (mobile devices are not supported for this feature).
  2. To let learners record their answers multiple times, select Allow Retake. This can be used to make the assignment low stakes, or as a practice session to familiarize the learners with the tool.
  3. To record the learner as they are watching the video question, select Record Reaction. Selecting this will remove the delay setting.
  4. To randomize questions and select the number of questions that a learner will respond to, select Random Questions Mode. This can help reduce the chance of them knowing questions beforehand.
  5. Under Delay, the instructor determines how long to allow a delay (in seconds) between the time that the question finishes and the recording begins. The delay allows learners to gather their thoughts before answering the questions.
  6. Select the Min Record Time and Max Record Time (in seconds) to determine the response parameters

You can also customize the peer review experience for your learners. 

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