How to Automatically Generate Captions for a Video


Captions can be automatically generated for recorded videos in Video Assignments, including learner-led Virtual Classroom recordings conducted within an individual or group project Video Assignment. This option is unavailable for instructor-led, all-class Virtual Classroom recordings. 

To generate captions for a video, first open the assignment where the video was added. (see other guide if needed)

Find the video in the assignment, then open it for preview.

Note: For Individual Project and Group Project assignments, If you haven't submitted the video yet, look for the video in the Work in Progress section.


When viewing a video, find the "CC" button at the bottomof the player on the right side. 


Hover over this button, then click "Manage" to see the caption management options.


Select the first option to generate captions with Bongo's caption generation service.

Caption generation usually takes a few minutes, or longer depending on the length of the video. Once the captions are ready, you can edit them with the same "Manage" button in the video player.

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