Score with a Rubric


Instructors: Demonstrates how to score a learner’s assignment with a rubric. To view how to create, edit and import a rubric click here.


When scoring with Rubric, you may see a discrepancy between the score in Bongo, and your LMS grade book with some scores. In Bongo, we calculate the score to a percent. Since LTI specifications only allow for two places when sending the score, we send only the value to the left of the decimal, and drop anything to the right. An example of this is below:


Para começar, clique no botão de três pontos verticais  na coluna Ações.


Click on the Overview link.


On the Overview page, find the name of the learner you would like to evaluate. If they've submitted their activity, their status will say "Needs Evaluation," and when you click their name, you will see the rubric box above the learner’s submission.


After you select a point value for a specific assignment criteria/objective, it will be highlighted green and added to the score calculation.


Click Save as Draft if you are not ready to finalize the score.


Once you are ready to submit the final score, click Save and Publish.


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