Bongo 22.7 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 22.7 update, released on July 28, 2022.

Q&A: Auto Analysis Support 

Auto Analysis support has been added for the Q&A assignment type.

  • When configuring a Q&A assignment, admins and instructors now have the option to enable or disable Auto Analysis for the assignment, and if it is enabled, have the option to add key terms to each Q&A question to be used with content analysis


  • Auto Analysis is now an option for score type in Q&A assignments. Admins and instructors will be able to select either the overall score, the delivery score, or content score to be used for the final score. The scores received for each question in the Q&A will be averaged to compute the final score.


  • After completing a Q&A assignment, the learner and instructor will be able to view the Auto Analysis report for each question. When previewing the responses, additional Auto Analysis information can be seen including a speaking rate graph, a heatmap for clarity, and indicators for key terms and filler words.


Auto Analysis: New Badge Icon 

  • For both Individual Project and Q&A assignments, the icon used to launch the Auto Analysis report has been updated for all learner views and the instructor grading view. This new icon includes the overall score generated by Auto Analysis. This allows users to quickly get an idea of how well they were scored by Auto Analysis for each of their videos, and also gives them a quick way to see their improvement if they are practicing and record themselves multiple times.22.7img3.png


Updated Time Picker

  • The time picker that is used when scheduling meetings, setting due dates, and creating milestones has been updated to use the browser time picker so that it is easier to use.


Submission Comments: Character Limit Increase

  • The character limit for comments made on learner submissions has been increased from 2048 to 5000 characters.
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