Bongo 22.6 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 22.6 update, released on June 23, 2022.

Q&A - Updated Post-Submission Workflow

The post-submission workflows for Q&A assignments have been updated to be easier to navigate and to provide more details for each specific response.

  • Q&A responses are no longer combined together into a single video as was done previously. This allows both learners and instructors to more easily select a specific response to watch if desired and also cuts down on the processing time required before submissions are finalized.
  • When watching a Q&A response, subsequent responses will autoplay after the current question has finished. This allows instructors to easily review the whole submission without needing to click on each response. The autoplay feature can be disabled in the video player.
  • Users can quickly toggle forward or backward between all the responses.
  • Each response is displayed next to the question text, and the text can also be viewed while watching the video if desired. The video question for each response can also easily be viewed from the response list.
  • If a learner has withdrawn from one or more of the questions, the fact that they have withdrawn and the reason they withdrew are now more easily viewed.
  • Some additional metadata is available for each response including the duration of the video and the number of comments on that specific response.
  • Timestamped comments now show which response they are associated with as well as a timestamp. Users can also now comment when no video is playing to leave a comment with no timestamp.


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