Bongo 22.3 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 22.3 update, released on March 24, 2022.

Improved Learner Experience for Q&A

The learner workflow for answering a Q&A question has been updated. The process for activating a user’s microphone has been improved so users are more clearly directed on how to proceed. Additionally, users are no longer required to re-activate their microphone for subsequent questions if they are all taken in one session.


Activity Mirroring

  • Bongo partners can now take advantage of the new activity mirroring feature by utilizing the Bongo Partner API set. When copying an assignment, the new activity can be flagged so it will mirror the settings of the original activity.
  • Partners can use this feature in multiple ways, but specifically can be used to integrate Bongointo cohorting features that are a part of their platform.
  • When an activity is flagged to use mirroring, it will inherit the changes made to the configuration of the original activity. This includes all ‘content’ fields such as instruction text and videos, Q&A question text and videos, and Auto Analysis key terms. A few options such as the assignment name and the group formation options are not mirrored.
  • When mirroring is being used, some configuration fields will be disabled. For parent activities, any field that could cause a problem for in-progress children activities have been disabled, and for children activities, most fields are disabled.
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