Bongo 21.11 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 21.11 update, released on December 16, 2021.

Updated Group Management Workflows

  • All of the group formation options for Group Project have been updated with a new user experience and updated options.


  • Using the updated group management screen, instructors are able to form groups manually, copy groups from a previous Group project, or randomize the groups.
  • If it is supported by the integration, instructors are able to sync the Bongo roster withthe platform.
  • Instructors are now able to manage the groups regardless of the formation type chosen.


  • Instructors can now change group membership at any time before a group has submitted.
  • If learner-formed groups are chosen, instructors must provide a number of groups to create, and then learners are able to join one of the groups and start working on their project immediately.


  • The new automatic option will automatically and randomly distribute users into groups. Instructors will need to provide a number of groups to automatically distribute to.
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