Bongo 21.6 Release Notes


Indicates the customer-facing features and changes released in the Bongo 21.6 update on June 24, 2021.

Virtual Classroom - Dynamic Cameras

  • The camera limit has been substantially increased to allow for 30 users to share their camera at once with 10 cameras shown at once. If a user is sharing their camera, it will always be visible to them, and the other cameras will dynamically swap in as the users speak.
  • Moderators are able to pin a camera that they do not want to be swapped out. While a camera is pinned, all users will be able to see that camera if they are talking or not. Up to 9 cameras can be pinned at once. This allows a user who may not be talking during the duration of the meeting to be seen constantly for all users such as a moderator or sign language interpreter.
  • Depending on your organization's membership with Bongo, this may be a premium feature.


Virtual Classroom - Updated Audio Settings

  • The echo test workflow has been removed when joining a microphone in Virtual Classroom, now the default microphone and speaker will be used.
  • A new audio settings section is available in the settings menu which allows users to test their microphone using an audio meter and select which microphone and speaker to use for the meeting.


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