Bongo 20.4 Release Notes


Indicates the new customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 20.4 release on August 20, 2020.

Updated Virtual Classroom Components and Experience

Many backend and frontend components used in Virtual Classroom have been upgraded, to help improve the quality and stability of the platform. Along with the upgrades, various changes have been made to the user experience. 


  • Presenters can use the new presentation bar under the presentation, where presentation controls have been consolidated.
  • Presenters can zoom in on the presentation and pan around the presentation if zoomed in. Zooming and panning will be seen by all meeting viewers.
  • Users have the ability to minimize the presentation area completely if it is not being used. The presentation can be restored using the button in the bottom right corner.
  • Viewers have the option to make the presentation fullscreen.


  • Users are now offered the dial-in information directly from the join audio prompt, seen when joining the meeting or clicking the ‘Join Audio’ button.


  • A new speaker indicator at the top of the screen indicates who is speaking. Moderators can click this indicator to quickly mute a disruptive user.


  • If a dial-in user is kicked out of the meeting, they will not be able to rejoin the meeting.


  • The maximum number of webcams in a meeting is now 10.
  • Users will be able to select which camera they want to use from a dropdown before activating the camera. Users are also able to select a quality for their camera.
  • Viewers will have the option to make any camera or screenshare fullscreen.

Participants and Chat

  • The participant menu and chat are now separate items in the new left menu.
  • The mute-all and permission locking items are easily accessible to moderators inside the participant menu.
  • The presenter is highlighted in the participant menu to help clarify who is presenting.


Breakout Rooms

  • The breakout room menu is available to moderators from the left menu.
  • Moderators have the capability to randomly assign users to breakout rooms to speed up the setup of rooms.
  • Moderators can drop in and out of audio for each breakout room from the main room, using the breakout room menu.



  • Recording the meeting shows a timer at the top of the screen indicating how long the recording has been going.
  • Polling is available to presenters from the left menu.


  • Live captioning is now available to moderators from the left menu.
  • If captions are available, viewers can easily enable them from the bottom left corner. 


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