Captioning Videos in Bongo


Defines the process of captioning videos within Bongo. If your company is interested in utilizing a Caption Manager account, please see our guide here and contact our support team at

Adding Captions

To add captions for a video, find the video and open it for playback. Videos ready for playback can be found in the activity overview for a Video Assignments activity, or on the Meetings page by clicking "Preview" in the Actions menu for a recorded Virtual Classroom meeting.

Once the video is opened, press the large play button in the middle of the viewing area. Then, move the cursor to the lower portion of the viewing area. When the lower bar appears, move the mouse over the "CC" button in the lower right corner, and click the "Manage" button that appears above that. From here, Bongo can automatically generate captions for your video.


To upload a caption file, click the blue button, "Import Caption File." To add captions in our editor, select "Enter Captions Manually," below the blue button.


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