Bongo 20.2 Release Notes


Indicates the new customer-facing features and changes included in the Bongo 20.2 release deployed to all production regions on Thursday, February 20th.


Auto Analysis™ toggled by assignment

  • The Auto Analysis™ feature can now be toggled on or off for each individual project assignment. This allows educators or assignment authors to disable the feature if it is not applicable for a given assignment. (e.g. a demonstration video where the learner does not speak). 
  • The Auto Analysis™ portion of the configuration screen has also been brought out of the advanced settings. 
  • The option for scores is now also enabled by default.


Virtual Classroom: Advanced Option to force TURN Server usage

  • Under the Virtual Classroom settings, a new Advanced section has been added that gives the user the option to force both the camera and screen share traffic to use the TURN server. 
  • This can be used if the user's network is not able to see other users’ screen share or webcams in Virtual Classroom.


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