Bongo 1.9.9 Release Notes


Indicates the new features and changes included in the Bongo 1.9.9 release deployed to all production regions on Thursday, December 19th.


Screen Recording Support in Q&A


  • Instructors now have the option when creating a Q&A assignment to choose if students will be required to record only their camera or both their camera and screen.
  • If the option for camera + screen recording is enabled for an assignment, students will be prompted to activate their camera, microphone, and choose a screen or application to share before they can begin the Q&A question.
  • Student submissions for these Q&A assignments are available in the Bongo player which allows the viewer to choose to focus on the camera, screen, or have them play side-by-side.

Usability Improvements for Q&A


  • The user experience while taking Q&A assignments has been improved to smooth out the experience of allowing access to cameras, microphones, and enabling screen recording.
  • Users will no longer be automatically prompted for access to their microphone and camera immediately when launching the assignment, instead, they can now click the ‘Activate Recorder’ button when they are ready to begin the assignment. This allows them to read the instructions and requirements before starting the assignment.
  • A new display will show the user the requirements of the Q&A question and will indicate to them if they are on an unsupported device.
  • The standalone recorder is now available for Q&A assignments. This allows the user to launch the Q&A in a separate window.

Bongo Recorder - General Improvements


  • The recording indicator at the top of the recorder has been updated to be more obvious that recording has started and to be easier to read.
  • When preparing to record their screen, users now have the option to switch which screen or application is being shared. This is only available before starting the recording.

Grading Workflow Improvements


  • The grading interface for Individual and Group Projects has been adjusted to improve the visibility of actions and items attached to the submission.
  • The Auto Analysis™ and download functions are now available next to the submission.
  • Attached documents, links, or reflection questions will now appear as items in the submission list.
  • This new view is also available to students viewing their own submission and when completing peer reviews.

New Grade Type: Auto Analysis™

  • A new grade type is now available for Individual Project assignments: Auto
    Analysis™. This grade type is automatically assigned and does not require any user with an instructor role to assign the grade.
  • If this grade type is selected, the Auto Analysis overall score for the submitted video will be used as the grade. This will be visible in the Bongo post-submission workflows
    and will be synchronized with the LMS gradebook if enabled.
  •  During configuration, the overall score, delivery score, or content score can be
    selected and will be used for the grade.

Automatic Join in Virtual Classroom


  • Virtual Classroom participants will have a new option on the Meeting Lobby page which allows them to enter the meeting once it is started. This will put them in a waiting state and once the meeting starts the user will automatically be joined to the meeting.
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