Bongo 1.9.8 Release Notes


 Indicates the new features and changes included in the Bongo 1.9.8 release, deployed to all production regions on Thursday, November 7th.


Auto Analysis™ - Key Terms Improvements (Jargon)


  • Bongo will now take any words or phrases included in the Key Term configuration and take them into account during the transcription phase of Auto Analysis™. This will help make the transcript more accurate and able to support things like discipline-specific terminology and proper names such as a company name, which would have not been transcribed properly before.
  • In addition, the Key Term configuration will support acronyms when provided in all caps (e.g. ‘FYI’), and website names (e.g. ‘’).
  • The configuration screen has been updated with descriptions of Auto Analysis™ and Key Terms to assist the user when creating assignments.

Automatic Update of User’s Names

  • User’s first and last names will now be automatically updated when they are updated in the LMS. Names will be updated both during a user launch and during a roster sync process.
  • Along with this change, the maximum name length for both first and last names has been increased from 25 characters to 64 characters. Names longer than 64 characters will be truncated.

Virtual Classroom Dial-In Improvements

  • The Virtual Classroom Dial-In numbers are now better formatted and include the region of the phone number. The improvements can be seen on the Meeting Lobby page and in the Virtual Classroom chat.

Submit Comments with Keystroke

  • Desktop users are now able to submit comments on submissions using a keystroke. (Ctrl + Enter on Windows and ⌘ + Enter on Mac)


Standalone Recorder

  • The Bongo recorder will now include the option to launch the recorder into a separate standalone recorder in a new window if the recorder is unable to access either the camera, microphone or screen. This will allow users to work around browser permission issues when accessing Bongo through an embedded environment.
  • The existing behavior where Chrome users are automatically launched into a new window if they are accessing via an iframe that does not have camera and microphone permissions enabled will continue to work as it did previously. 


  Defect Fixes

  • An issue where uploading a video via Google Drive would sometimes fail has been fixed.
  • Accessibility fixes were made.
  • An issue that could allow users to submit an Interactive Video assignment without a video when a video is required has been fixed.
  • Localization fixes were made.
  • An issue where the ‘unsupported file format’ popup would fail to appear if attempting to upload the wrong file type more than once has been fixed.
  • Improvements to resolution and framerate when taking Q&A questions on iOS/iPadOS devices have been made.
  • An issue where Virtual Classroom recordings would not appear in the Caption Manager panel was fixed.
  • Mobile formatting fixes were made.
  • An issue where Bongo would attempt to copy groups between incompatible assignment types was fixed.
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